Phlebotomy Training in Alabama

If you are residing in or around the state of Alabama and you want to enter the medical profession specifically through a career in phlebotomy, then you would do well to sign up for phlebotomy training in Alabama.

Phlebotomy is fast become one of the most sought after careers for medical professionals because it pays relatively high for a type of work that is not as strenuous or as physically demanding as a doctor, nurse or emergency medical technician. Basically, the function of a phlebotomist is to draw blood from patients of various age groups. These blood samples are then sent to a laboratory, where the results will help doctors diagnose an illness or suggest the next course of action for treatment.

There are already more and more medical laboratories and testing centers which are doing business in Alabama, which is why it will not be too difficult for you to find phlebotomy jobs in Alabama. The principles of phlebotomy training in Alabama is basically the same as in other states. Those who would like to undergo phlebotomy training in Alabama should be well-versed in venipuncture and adept in performing laboratory functions. This includes skill in handling laboratory equipment. Take note that while the main job function of collecting blood samples might not look like too much work, as with all other medical professionals, you will be required at some point to work long hours, sacrifice your nights, weekends and holidays.

Below are the top cities where you can find phlebotomy certification in Alabama and phlebotomy classes in Alabama: Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Auburn, Decatur, Hoover, Dothan and Tuscaloosa.

If you are aiming to get phlebotomy jobs in Alabama, you might want to take note that the state does not impose a compulsory certification. However, employers will of course give first priority to applicants who can show that they have obtained a phlebotomy certification from a reputable and recognized institution because it shows that they have received instruction from a place that can be trusted. The certification has to be issued by an institute that received an accreditation from the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory such as:

  1. Jefferson State Community College
      Admission Requirements:
      - High School Diploma or GED
      - Compass Exam (minimum score level 70)
      Training Duration:
      - 200-hours
      Phone Nos.:
      - (205) 853-1200
      - (800) 239-5900 toll free
  1. St. Vincent’s – Jeremiah’s Hope Academy
  2. Universal Society Phlebotomy

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